123 Designing

The 123 Site Layout

This is where designers come to learn the basics as well as tips and tricks of the design trade. The blog is broken into a set of pages that discuss the following:

  • Design Basics
  • Mobile App Design
  • Interior Lighting Design
  • Yard and Landscaping Design
  • Commercial Lighting Design
  • Home Lighting Design

More pages will get added to this list over time. The remainder of the site is blog posts, some of which are from us and some from our loyal and enthusiastic fans.

Incidentally I would like to give a shout out to my good friend George who owns a siding company in Richmond Va. George recently offered to cover the hosting costs of my site for a couple years. This was a nice offer and I am grateful for his generosity. I had hoped to provide him with some valuable info from the site but I am at a loss to figure out how installing siding can benefit from any innovation that I can find to put in here. So for now all I can offer is my sincere thanks!

Many of the restaurants we do hood cleaning in use 123 Design. We are Boston Hood Cleaning Pros.

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