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123Designing's Email Account Services

domain email services
Your 123Designing.com email account is fast, ultra-reliable and secure. It’s POP3 configured and advertising-free. It offers unique you@YourPersonalDomainName.com personalization. It allows you to send and receive email using popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and more.

- Photo Store – Professional-quality prints are as close as your inbox. Order prints – in the sizes and finishes you choose – directly from your Web-based email account and have them delivered to your door!

- "Phishing" fraud protection. Powerful technology spots email that’s not from whom it claims to be before it hits your inbox.

- Spam filtering. This smart technology identifies spam before it can become a nuisance. And you can train it to learn and defeat new spam techniques as you go.

- Virus protection. Keeps your computer safe from the malicious viruses that lurk in innocent-looking emails.

- 256-bit encryption. When using Webmail, encrypts messages with rock-solid, industry-leading protection.

- Auto-Save saves your drafts even if you're interrupted mid-sentence. No more worries about losing an email due to a mistaken click, computer glitch or "oops."

- SMS/Text-Mail Service. Web-based email subscribers can instantly send both text messages and standard email.

123Designing Email Service: starting as low as $9.99 a year or FREE with your new domain registration, transfer or renewal! Click here for more details and information.
Express Email Marketing
Express Email Marketing shows you how to be in-touch the right way. It also provides tools to make sure that you comply 100% with all the new anti-spam laws.

1) Provides you with an opt-in magnet. This vital tool allows you to provide prospects and customers with a sign-up form to request emails from you. It also provides you with the ability to create and manage special interest groups so that you can target your e-mail campaigns to specific subscribers.

2) Complies with anti-spam laws by requiring that all subscribers added or imported to your account receive a confirmation e-mail. In addition, an opt-out link is located at the bottom of every campaign mailing, allowing subscribers to opt-out of future mailings. Subscribers who do not respond to the confirmation email or who click the opt-out link are automatically removed from your subscriber list.

3) Helps create dazzling, eye-catching emails. Image Library includes more than 1,500 images or upload your own! They're automatically resized to fit your email. No design skills necessary!

4) Tracks the results of your emails. Easy-to-use reports tell you how many you sent, how many were opened, how many people responded and much more.

5) It even lets you do surveys of your customer base.

Express Email Marketing: starting at only $3.99 a month. Click here for more details and information.

Fax By email
Fax Thru Email™ lets you send and receive faxes anywhere, anytime, from any computer — all you need is an Internet connection and email. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of a fax machine and discover a more affordable and flexible alternative. 123Designing.com offer a choice of either a toll free number or a local number.

Fax Thru Email: starting at just $9.95 a month. Click here for more details and information.
Online Group Calendar
Stay organized and in control with 24/7 access to all of your important events, projects and files — whether you’re at work, at home or on the road — with Online Group Calendar.

Easily manage even the busiest schedule online with our powerful calendar and organizational tool. Keep track of family activities and events, important dates - even find free time! You never have to forget an appointment, birthday or anniversary again - Online Group Calendar lets you send yourself email reminders.

And Online Group Calendar isn’t just for personal use. You can share your calendar, projects and files so everyone in your office is up to date. Plus, search your entire group to find times when everyone is available to meet, manage company resources and much more.

Online Group Calendar: starting at only $9.99 a year. Click here for more details and information.

123Designing Email Accounts Services Product List
Email Accounts
Personalized, spam-free, feature-packed.

Online Group Calendar
Keep your group or office organized.

Email Forwarding
Redirect your email to another address.
SMTP Relaying
250 per-day free w/ email; add 50-packs.

Fax Thru Email
Send and receive faxes anywhere you have email and Internet access

Express Email Marketing®
Create, send emails to customers and prospects.

Be sure to check out our entire wide ranging website products and services list. All our website products and service comes with 24/7 Email and Phone support!

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