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Advertising on 123Designing.com

The Internet has changed the way consumers do just about everything. From banking and grocery shopping to research and entertainment, consumers are integrating online media into all aspects of everyday life. 123Designing.com provides brand advertisers with solutions that enable you to reach consumers at home, at work and at play, by connecting you to our audience.

- Great Branding Opportunity: A strong relationship is the key to successful advertising. Statistics have shown you must reach a potential customer 3-5 times in order to build brand awareness, and with over hundreds of visitors daily, 123Designing.com more than facilitates this process. 123Designing offers a quick and easy way to expose your brand message.

- No Hassle Advertising! Without dealing with complications from outsourced companies AsiaFinest.com makes doing business just how it should be: swift and easy. Within 48-72 hours of submitting your information and payment, your ad will be up and running!

- Increase in Search Engines Ranking! Our web site gets "spidered" by top search engines such as Google weekly. It will search through all of our links, and will spider your site as well! Your site will be added to their database, and get a higher page rank since we've linked to you!

- Cost Effective! Our rates are highly affordable, and at a fixed rate to prevent click fraud. We will cater to any budget both big and small.

Ad Length
123Designing 1 Page Sponsorship Monthly "Sponsor by" your banner , logo, or text link on the main page or any other page of the site. Graphic size is limited to 88 x 31.
123Designing 728x90 Sponsorship Weekly Your 728x90 leaderboard ad will appear at the top of most pages on the site. There will only be one sponsor at a time.
123Designing 120x600 Sponsorship Weekly Your 120x600 skyscraper ad will appear at the side of most pages on the site. There will only be one sponsor at a time.
123Designing 300x250 Sponsorship Weekly Your 300x250 medium rectangle ad will appear right in the middle of our website's content. You will see the ad in almost every page of the site. There will only be one sponsor at a time.

Advertising opportunities are not limited to the above options. We can work with you to customize an ad campaign to your liking. 123Designing.com will go the distance to make certain that you are delighted with the results.

If you are interested in advertising on 123Designing.com, feel free to contact us with any advertising inquires at this email address: email Please put 123Designing Advertising Inquiry as your email subject. Please tell us about your company/website, and an estimate advertising budget in your email. We will cater to any budget both big and small.

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